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Author Bio:

Faun “Joyce”  Senatro, a retired social worker, lives in Port Orange, Florida, with her husband and miniature dachshund, Noli. She is a Florida State graduate, mother of nine, grandmother and great-grandmother of numerous children and young adults.  After retirement, Joyce joined a writers’ group. Interest in her husband’s Italian roots eventually inspired her to write her first novel, First Class to America, which won second place in the Florida Writers’ Association RPLA non-published women’s genre in 2015. Her sequel, The Middle of Somewhere, won first place in the same category in 2016. Both have since been published.

Joyce is a member of Florida Writers’ Association and belongs to two local writing groups: Port Orange Scribes and Daytona Beach Writers.

She has had short stories published in the FWA magazine, and four in the FWA annual Collections. Her 2015, The Molding of Rudy, was selected as one of the top ten stories for that year’s Collection.


Joyce Senatro

Author, First Class To America

2nd Place in the 2015 Florida Writers Association,

Royal Palm Literary Awards, Women's Genre




Teresa Santora’s dreams of marrying  Leo collapse when he is lost at sea just before their wedding. Discovering she is pregnant in 1895 Italy leaves her with one choice if she wants to keep the baby: accept a marriage offer from Nico Barile, who she barely knows. Mamma reminds her that marriage is forever, “but never give up your dream of living first class.”


Soon Nico moves Teresa and their children from her beloved Italy for a new life in America, where she becomes trapped by poverty and Nico’s abuse. Help and new complications enter Teresa’s life when she meets Letta Wunders and her charming brother, Jacob Hahn.  She becomes determined to join women’s fight for justice and make a better life for her children, if not herself.



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 Historical Fiction

Short Stories



Florida Writers Association

Daytona Beach Writers Group

Port Orange Scribes





Raised to “make a difference,” Lauri Hahn becomes a teacher and accepts a position in an impoverished coal-mining town of central Pennsylvania. She soon learns the lack of modern conveniences is least of the concerns to people who are little more than slaves to the coal mine life. Lauri’s teaching contract demonstrates the times, and area’s insensitivity toward females. She wants to promote changes for women who age too quickly in the harsh environment, and children who—if they survive—never have a chance to enjoy childhood. Why doesn’t the union do more to help?

Lauri’s resolve to not get involved is tested at every turn, including a pending strike by miners, and trying to negotiate better terms with the mine owner, John Wilkins. Described as unscrupulous, the charming Wilkins is a continuous challenge to Lauri. She can’t see him as the ogre he is said to be. Yet even the town doctor, Liam O’Shea, has no trust in him. And why does Lauri feel so unbalanced any time Dr. O’Shea is around?

She has no idea how she will be affected by the people of this town, but as Lauri becomes more enmeshed, she feels the despair that is always a part of their lives. Her growing relationship with Wilkins brings opportunities to try and make changes, but compromises her trust by others and tests the doctor’s impact in her life. Her heart is tugged by both men. v

Published Short Stories in FWA Collections:

 Volume Three: Let’s Talk: The Ultimate Critiquer

 Volume Four: My Wheels: The Promise

 Volume Five: It’s A Crime: The Spittoon

 Volume Seven: Revisions: Stories Of Starting Over:

 TheMolding Of Rudy