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Judith is a poet/writer/artist from Bucks County, Pennsylvania, who moved to Daytona Beach, Florida in 2014. She is the editor/publisher of River Poets Journal, a literary magazine, publishing three issues a year, online and in print.


Judith's poetry has been published in numerous online literary journals, including Poetic Diversity, Poetic Voices, Poems  for All, Ancient Heart, The River, Tiny Words, and River Poets Journal. She has been published in five Poet Works anthologies, “Nickel’s Worth of Dreams,” “For Better or Worse,” “Just Bite Me,” “Baby Boomer,” and “Passing,” as well as “The Eclectic Muse,” “The Leaf Gatherers,” and “River Poems,” anthologies through Lilly Press.

She has previously published four poetry chapbooks, ‘Marmalade Stories,” “Husbands and Other Strangers,” “The House on the Hill,” and “Morpheus’s Folly.” Her new poetry chapbook “Point of Comfort,” will be published in spring, 2015.

Judith has published two books:

“The IRS Chronicles,” a humorous daily chronicle of IRS Training in Philadelphia for a Tax Examiner position lasting 19 days.

“The Metamorphosis of Connie Toscano,” a novelette about a middle aged woman who embarks on a journey following a fall off a mountain cliff, which changes her life.

The Metamorphosis of Connie Toscano

A novelette about a middle aged woman who embarks on a journey following a fall off a mountain cliff, which changes her life.


   Within a few miles of the Lodge a drunk driver in a pick-up truck careened out of control on the curvy precarious road and hit the van dead on. Connie was sitting by the emergency door napping with her seatbelt unhooked. On impact, she flew out the sprung-open door and rolled down the steep cliff, her screams lost in the shrieks and chaos of the collision.

   She tumbled through brush, bramble, rocks and birch trees, finally coming to rest in the crevice of a massive old tree overlooking the river below. Surrounded with branches, and piles of sticks and leaves, she was invisible from the road above. The pain in her racked body was too excruciating to bear. The last thing Connie observed just before sinking into a black tunnel of oblivion was a heart-shaped inscription carved deeply into the trunk of the tree. It read, “To Lilly with everlasting love, Russ.”



The IRS Chronicles

A humorous daily chronicle of IRS Training in Philadelphia for a Tax Examiner position lasting 19 days.


Excerpt from Day 3 in IRS training:

   Checking around the table . . . I kick the chair of the moth-balled, checkered vest, and bow tied, “Roger Tortoise,” to awaken him for the third time in five minutes, steal answers to the quiz from "Brainy Alien," sitting next to me, reassure "Anal Annie," across the table. “No, all 900 pages of the manual will not have to be memorized. No, she need not sneak top secret IRS manual book into her bag to take home and study . . . in time it will all become clear. Oh yeah, (sic). Don't worry.

Tha problam go away Mon.”

The Art Of Living (Work in progress)

A book of seven short stories, on neighbors and how they influence our lives.

Excerpt from the title story:

   Feeling a wave of vertigo from starving herself, and rising suddenly, she hastened to leave.

   As she stepped out into the hall, Miles inquired, “one more thing, Irene. I hate to bother you, but I’m unfamiliar with this neighborhood, and food shopping in general. Would you mind if I walk with you to the market when you next do your grocery shopping?  I’ve been dining out since I moved in and it’s becoming quite expensive.”

   Irene was at a loss on how to respond. What could she say? “My apologies, Mr. Werner, but I’m planning on being dead in a couple days.”

   She just nodded and replied, “Sure, no bother,” and scurried back to her apartment.

River Poets Journal Autumn/Winter 2014

 Judith A. Lawrence is the editor/publisher of River Poets Journal, a literary magazine published online and in print. It's published three times a year, beginning with a Special Theme Edition, plus a Spring/Summer, and an Autumn/Winter edition with open themes. The Special Theme for 2015 is "Sliding Doors: Parallel Lives," the "what if" issue of poetry and short stories. Submissions for the Theme issue are open January 1st, 2015.

Visit link below:

Husbands And Other Strangers

A poetry chapbook

Marmalade Stories

A poetry chapbook

Point Of Comfort

A poetry chapbook


Morpheus’s Folly

A poetry chapbook

The House On The Hill

A poetry chapbook

The Lafourche River Murder, a novel

After laying aside the unfinished manuscript for five years, Judith is currently working with the masterful help of the Daytona Writers critique group on developing the plot for a murder/mystery novel.


Synopsis: David Stokes is a man on the run following loss of memory, charged with the murder of his wife. In hot pursuit is pragmatic Detective Jack Wokowski chasing David from LA, to PA, to Alaska. Various nefarious and quirky characters dot the landscape on the trail.

Artwork from her wood block Beach Series by Judith A. Lawrence

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