Synopsis: Purple Canary

‘Purple Canary’ is a book-length story of a David vs. Goliath battle between a lone EPA scientist and a powerful agro-chemical company as scientists are trying to save the world’s honeybees from imminent extinction. Our protagonist, a female EPA scientist with Asian American heritage, Dr. Phoenix Saunders, along with most beekeepers and many scientists, believes the culprit is the rampant use of pesticides in GMO farming, which the agro-chemical industry vehemently denies. At the front of the pack is AXM, an American agro-giant who will stop at nothing to protect their profit base.

If Phoenix fails to prevent AXM from unleashing a new class of pesticides, the remaining bee population would be gone and so will two thirds of the world’s food supply. Can she possibly prevail over this very powerful company in time to save the bees?

Kim Owens, author of Purple Canary

Genre - Thriller

Finalist 2015 Florida Writers Association

Royal Palm Literary Award



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"Stella came out carrying a pack of cigarettes and a small bag. Stephan waited until she got back in the car and opened his own door.

Looking through her open passenger window, he watched her tap the cigarette box against her palm. Before she could extract a cigarette, he said, “Excuse me, ma’am, I’m lost. Could you help me?”

“Sure, what’re you looking for?” She put the cigarette box in the console.

“I’m trying to get to the Kmart store, but I think I made a wrong turn,” Stephan added. “My brand new GPS is broken.”

“Oh, it’s real easy. You go out here, turn left. Keep going until you see Davis, then make a left,” Stella said while gesturing with her hands.

“I’m sorry, but I’m terrible with directions.” He extended his left hand that held a pad he had picked up at the motel. “Could you draw it on this paper for me?”

“No problem.” She took the pad and searched around for a pen.

“I have a pen in my pocket.” His right hand hovered near his pocket as if taking out a pen.

He pulled out a silenced pistol and shot her in the chest. He knew the clerk inside the store would not notice the muffled sound. Stella’s body slumped, her eyes wide with shock.

Stretching, he retrieved his pad and her cigarette pack careful not to touch anything before her body folded over the steering wheel. As he eased out of the parking lot, a car entered the station and saw it stop at a pump on the far side. Its occupant paid no attention to him.

Back at the motel, he sent a coded message to Brad for the successful conclusion of the first part of his two-part mission. Ignoring the non-smoking signs in his room, he savored a couple of the stolen cigarettes before packing."


Kim Owens spent her formative years in South Korea. After graduating from University of Colorado with an MBA, she left Colorado for California to pursue a career in financial management. Before moving to Florida in 2013, she was an owner of a real estate company in Los Angeles area.

For the past two and a half years, Kim has devoted full time to writing. When not writing, you will find her doing Yoga at local YMCA or daydreaming about everything from an ant invasion into her house to the future of humanity.

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