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Lois Gerber has 4 published books,

over 50 journal articles and short stories

and  2 works in progress.


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Nadia Book One Poland

Nadia is the coming of age story of a young Catholic girl growing up in the outskirts of Warsaw during WWII and her personal quest to fight injustice by joining the Polish underground. She befriends a Jewish boy her parents hide in their attic, a Gypsy girl she finds in a tree in her back yard and lastly, Henryk, the boy who wants to spend the rest of his life with her.


Short story, historical fiction, Young Adult (Middle grade)



Registered nurse in both Florida and Michigan, Masters degree in public health nursing, Specialist in Aging certificate,  Sigma Theta Tau international nursing sorority, Ormond Writers League, City Island Fiction Writers.



Apex Award March, 2013

for nursing journal article  “Bringing Home Effective Care for the Homeless” in Nursing 2013;

Excellence in Nursing Practice Award

Sigma Theta Tau, Iota Chapter, 1993

Who’s Who in American Women, 14th edition,

Marquis Publications 1984,

Who’s Who in American Nursing,

Marquis Publications, 1996-1997.


Author Biography:

Lois Gerber believes in the spirit of community health nursing’s focus on wellness, relationships, families, and communities. She's worked in home health agencies, public health departments, and an Area Agency on Aging.

She's taught nursing students at the university level and has counseled families dealing with elder care issues. For forty some years, she has helped people of all ages, various religions and ethnicities, and different socio-economic levels.

She comments, "I'm a different and better person because of my patients, their families, the nurses I have worked with, and the students I have taught."

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Runaway Girl: A Nurse’s Story

Traditionally published by Taylor and Seale and available through www.taylorand seale.com., www.Amazom.com. Kindle and paperback and independent book stores.


Fifteen-year-old Connie Sinclair struggles to find a way to support herself after running away from home, a small dirt farm in western Pennsylvania. Arriving in Pittsburgh, she experiences many disappointments. Finally, she lies about her name and age to meet the enrollment requirements of a hospital nurses' training program of the 1920s. Connie works in the hospital's kitchen, laundry, and central supply departments while learning to take care of and comfort sick patients, various treatments for the common diseases, and how to get along with people--the other students, the patients, and her superiors. After a hospital fire, her identity lie is exposed, and  she is forced to deal with the consequences of misrepresenting herself.


"Runaway Girl: A Nurse's Story"

reveals the strength and resiliency of nurses, traits that have identified

the profession from time immemorial.


Human Side of Nursing

Self published by Riggs and Sons and available on www.Amazon.com Kindle and paperback, is a short story collection about the day-to-day experiences of a visiting nurse.  This second edition adds six more stories to the original book.  Through these 21 vignettes, the author illustrates how illness, aging, and disability affect individuals and families.    The stories, many previously published in nursing journals, all written in layman's terms, will make readers smile, laugh, and cry and are meant to look beneath the surface to the deeper part of human nature. They show the connection among individuals, families, and communities and the challenges and triumphs of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.  Nurses, nursing students, family caregivers, or anyone interested in warm inspirational stories will enjoy this collection.

Nurses and their Patients: Compassion and Commitment Self- published and available on www.amazon.com  Kindle and paperback. Readers will meet many interesting people in these 12 fictionalized short stories based on the author’s experiences as a community health nurse.  The individuals, their families, and their neighborhoods are all different.   Melissa, a teenager with Down Syndrome, attends a school for children with special needs where she meets a school nurse, Mr. Dave, who talks with her about the meaning of love. She follows his advice when she joins the Special Olympics and meets Jimmy.  Carol is a middle-aged wife who struggles to maintain a semblance of a normal life while caring for her husband with Alzheimer's Disease.  At the same time, Allison is in Fairbanks, Alaska, managing a primary care clinic

Nurses and Their Patients: Acts of Courage and Conviction.  Self-published and available on Amazon.com Kindle and paperback.. You don't have to be a nurse to enjoy these 14 short stories, fictionalized components of patients, families, and nurses..  Readers will meet Nadia, who fought with the Polish Underground in WWII and immigrates to Detroit to face new challenges..  Greg, an oncology nurse, loses his son in a boating accident and must come to terms with his grief and guilt. Carletta, an inner-city high school student, sells drugs to support her mother and  younger sisters.  Through volunteer work, Kirsten, an upper middle class suburbanite, learns she has more in common with inner city women.   The book focuses on health—physical, emotional, and spiritual—and challenges people overcome to make permanent changes in their lives.

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