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Sam Hossler


Historical Fiction

Young Adult

Crime in Florida


Sam has received a number of awards from contests at the Pennsylvania Outdoor Writers,

on various outdoor subjects.


Member of the Florida Writers Association


The Daytona Area Writers


The Ormond Writer’s League


Outdoor Writers Association of America


Past President of the Pennsylvania Outdoor Writers Association.


I sold my first article and photo package to the Pennsylvania Angler in 1966. That was the beginning of a lifelong love of putting words on paper. Over the ensuing forty plus years I have had hundreds of outdoor and travel articles published.

An archeological dig near my home sparked my interest in the history of the area. It also provided the material for my first two books, The Summer of 1763 and The Great Land Grab. They have been combined into Frontier at the Three Rivers. Next was Frontier Preacher. A mountain of information on the John Corbly family provided the base for this novel.

I worked in sales until the late 1970s when I took a job as a reporter for the Leesburg Commercial in Leesburg, Florida. Now that I was a full time writer it gave me the nudge to begin my first novel, which took almost two decades to complete.

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This novel is a departure from his earlier historical fiction and youth targeted works. Instead it delves into a crime family in Florida.



The Encounter

Follow college student Charlie Bolton as he innocently becomes involved in murder, drugs and mayhem. Who is this beautiful, blond young lady he has fallen in love with? Will she lead him into the dark underworld of crime? Can he survive in this foreign environment, a world of controlled substances, and all that goes with it?

Frontier Preacher

John Corbly is shanghaied from his home in Ireland and sent to the New World as an indentured servant. The young man serves his time and becomes an accomplished farmer. After meeting a Baptist preacher he confesses his faith in God and becomes a lay preacher. Persecuted for his beliefs he moves his family to the wild frontier of Pennsylvania. Indian raids wipe out all but a few of his family. In spite of this he never loses faith. Read how the men and women of the frontier suffered from poor crops, lack of money and high taxes.

Although Corbly was not actively involved in the famed Pennsylvania Whiskey Rebellion he was arrested and jailed as a leader. Read the underlying reason for this insurrection. Experience the inhuman treatment the federal troops imposed on those arrested. Facts our high school history books never mentioned. Digest these facts and decide for yourself if the taxes were the main reason for this civil revolt.

Silversmith Chronicles

A beast has been ravaging the local farmer’s sheep herds. Some thought it was a wolf, others were convinced it was a bear. Our heroes, Ned and Jake, set a trap for this animal. The boys live in Western Pennsylvania on their father’s farms. After another sheep, at Jakes farm, was killed they set a trap.

What they found was unbelievable. A beast neither boy had ever seen emerged from the forest to take another sheep. Ned shot his musket but it didn’t faze the hairy apparition. They soon found werewolves can only be killed with silver bullets. Can they track and kill this one? It’s all in the pages of Silversmith Chronicles.

Frontier at Three Rivers

It was the summer of 1763. Western Pennsylvania was under attack. Chief Pontiac had declared war on the white settlers. Indian raiding parties scourged the countryside burning and killing everything and anybody they found. A band of frontiersmen, called the Pennsylvania Rangers, formed to fight these hostiles on their own terms.

The second half of the book jumps to ten years later. Virginia has claimed this section of Pennsylvania and sent militia to occupy it. The Rangers were again activated to drive these invaders out. Actual places and events are used as a base for the story.

Beasts of the Frontier

This is a sequel to Silversmith Chronicles, Ned and Jake start on a winter deer hunt, but soon discover tracks that are not only huge but never seen before. It must be a giant bear, they thought. Continuing north their adventure becomes more involved by the day. They rescue a starving frontier family, get jobs at sawmills and find another werewolf in the Northwest wilderness of Pennsylvania. This one has been harassing the local Indian tribe. Then they encountered a beast they had never seen or even heard of, Sasquatch!

Summer of 1763

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The Great Land Grab

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