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As minister, missionary and educator, William G. Collins has been fascinated by history and its relationship to the Bible. A history major, he received his M.A. degree in education from Loyola University in Chicago, and has continued Graduate studies in Old Testament cultures at Candler School of Theology at Emory University in Atlanta. His studies have helped his understanding of the ancient world. His one aim in writing about the past has been to bring to life those figures of the past.

 Born in Royal Oak Michigan, he was a pastor in Michigan, and Illinois before becoming a High School principal of a Boarding School in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He and his family served there for ten years, Upon returning to the United States, he and his wife served as pastors and administrative leaders in Kansas and Missouri, Mississippi, Florida and Georgia. From Atlanta, he and his wife returned to the “other’ Congo for four years in the Republic of the Congo, Brazzaville as church administrators. He has visited Egypt and the Middle East many times, and those journeys only convinced him to begin writing about the magnificent figures he had seen carved on the dusty walls of temples and tombs.

 He lives in Port Orange Florida with his wife Evangeline.




Back From The Abyss

The story of Jonah is filled with unanswered questions. Was the prophet really swallowed by a sea creature? Did he die inside it as the beast plunged into the Abyss or was he given new life when tossed upon the beach?


These and other questions are explored in this work. As a widower much of his life, he finds love in the small village of Lydda, home of his good friend Ethan. When faced with danger and the pursuit by Prince Shalmaneser of Assyria, Jonah and the prophet Amos, are strengthened by their resolve to deliver God's message.


Back from the Abyss reminds us that no matter how far we run from our destiny, if we face it and follow it, we can become someone greater than ourselves.

Death Beneath The Sphinx

In the land of the Pharaohs, the Sphinx keeps watch. Stretched out over the hot sands, it protects the great pyramid and Pharaoh Khufu’s memory. For five thousand years it has kept its secrets. Until now. At midnight, in the new temple below it, two young men set in motion a murder that will shake the foundation of the court.


When Hui succeeds his adopted father as Pharaoh’s Chamberlain, he also discovers a secret kept for more than twenty summers. Born the son of Pharaoh’s sister, but given away at her death, Hui finds himself now part of the royal family and closer to the princess he has loved all his life. Thrown into the hunt for assassins seeking Pharaoh’s demise, he and his cat, Iset, discover clues that will ultimately save Pharaoh’s reign and give him the hand of the one he loves.

Murder In The Congo

The discovery of a bloodied suitcoat in the Congo River sends a young man on an adventure of murder and intrigue. Set in Africa in  the turbulent year  of 1966, the  thriller tells the story of Pete, one of President Mobutu’s guards. After a chilling discovery in the Congo River near his home, the young man is forced to flee the capital city of Kinshasa. Pursued into the interior by Chinese assassins, he is injured in a catastrophic truck accident. Celeste, a nurse serving in the hospital, not only cares for him but steals his heart. Their journey across a country some call the Heart of Africa, forces them to solve a mystery which has become a matter of life or death.

Murder In Pharaoh's Palace

Shepseskaf, a young Egyptian physician, rescues a small kitten from drowning and in doing so, saves a kingdom. Little Miu changes not only his life, but also the lives of everyone he knows and loves. Following an emergency call to Pharaoh’s palace, Shep finds himself in a mysterious and dangerous adventure. His cat accompanies him on his travels even to crime scenes where, for reasons known only to her, important clues end up in her traveling basket. It is a tale filled with romance and danger in the glorious days of Ancient Egypt.

To Catch The WindNote: To Catch The Wind, 2nd edition combines the previous two novels, To Catch the Wind and The Wind of the Lord into one volume. King Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines, but very few know that it was for the love of his first wife that he spent twenty years building her a palace and writing a beautiful love song included in Scripture as the Song of Songs. Princess Tanafriti, beloved daughter of Pharaoh Merenptah of Egypt, awoke one morning to find her life of privilege did not come without a price. She was to become the bride of the king of Israel and journey to Jerusalem with personal maids and guardsmen in tow, including her true love, the captain of the guard. The transition is not an easy one, as there are forces in both kingdoms who consider such a wedding blasphemous to the gods.

Return To KasanguluIt is 1996, and Melanie, a young American high school teacher returns to the Congo where she grew up. The moment she arrives in the capital city of Kinshasa,  she finds herself swept up in mystery and intrigue. Mr. Corneliesse, the Dutch teacher who picks her up at the airport, is found murdered the next day, and because of what she might have seen, Melanie becomes a target. Her life in the beautiful rural area of Kasangulu, is turned upside down by two other teachers at the school. Roger and Pete are undercover CIA agents assigned to find what connection Mr. Corneliesse may have had with arms smugglers, supporting a rebel army against the Congolese government. Heidi, a Swiss Nurse at the mission station, joins the three friends and provides an important clue that might lead Pete and Roger to those responsible for the crime.

In A Land Of DreamsThe colors of Joseph’s dreams were more resplendent than the coat his father gave him at seventeen. It was the last year he would live in Canaan. The next ninety-three would be spent in Egypt, a land of dreams. Sold by his brothers into slavery, Joseph also serves an unjust three years in prison for a crime he did not commit. When he meets Pharaoh’s butler and baker, his life begins to change, and he is released and enters a whole new world in which dreams do come true. Through his divine gift, Joseph interprets Pharaoh’s dreams and reveals a plan to save Egypt from the troubled years Joseph sees coming. Rewarded by Pharaoh, Joseph’s dreams as a teenager come true. He is given a new name, and the position of Vizier, making him the second most powerful man in the land. People will bow before him as he predicted. Love enters Joseph’s life when Lady Asenath, beautiful daughter of the high priest of Awen, is given to him as his wife. She feels this Asiatic from the north country is beneath her, and Joseph must use all of his gifts to win her affection and love. Based upon research, the author paints a compelling panorama of Egyptian society, and draws us into Joseph’s world. The ancient story has much to teach us today about faith and forgiveness, and perhaps how to live in a world that threatens to overpower our attempts to live above it.

A Lepers TaleNaaman was popular and successful as commander of Syria’s powerful army. His leadership abilities and military prowess had made him rich and his king famous beyond the country’s borders. Things couldn’t have been better if there would not have been another truth about his life that made all his achievements, status, and riches mean next to nothing!  Naaman contracted leprosy, a deadly, and at the time incurable skin disease, which demanded that he lived his life in isolation. Just when he thought all was lost, a slave girl, who had been forcefully taken from her home and family, told her master’s wife that she wished Naaman could see a man of God in her country. He would know how to help him. A Leper’s Tale is an exciting adventure through the ancient lands of the Bible. It can also lead us on a journey of faith and hope for our time. Nothing is impossible for those who believe!

Behind The Golden MaskWho was the young pharaoh behind the golden mask? It stands today encased in glass in the Cairo Museum of Ancient Egyptian Antiquities. This golden work of art depicting Tutankhamun’s face, is known around the world, has come to symbolize Egypt’s golden age. This novel is an attempt to peer behind all the gold, ivory and lapis lazuli, the find the real young man. The purpose of this novel is to include some of the latest medical research in explaining events in the life of the nineteen-year old king who lived during Egypt’s Eighteenth Dynasty. The story is told through the eyes of one of the principal players in this drama named Horemheb, who after serving as the young king’s mentor, will also ascend to the throne.

Murder by the Godsis a mystery thriller set in the glorious past of ancient Egypt. Narmer, the son of the Scorpion King, has become the first ruler of a united Egypt and founder of the country's First Dynasty. He has succeeded in uniting the peoples of Upper and Lower Egypt but is now under attack by forces unknown. When he suddenly collapses after receiving a mysterious threat from the god Seth, the Crown Prince is convinced it is the gods who are trying to kill his family. Prince Horus-Aha solicits the help of his friend Akhom and their quest takes the two young men into an underworld of darkness where they discover the killer may be more human than they had been led to believe. With the help of his future queen, the Lady Benerib, and Akhom's beautiful Nafrini, a trap is set to bring an end to the murders and the evil sons of darkness once and for all. But to Aha's dismay, as he is crowned King of the Two Lands, another message arrives from the god of darkness threatening him and his queen. Loyalties are tested and friendships questioned as more members of the royal family fall victim to the nefarious servants of Seth. "Murder by the Gods" is filled with adventure and romance in a land that would become known as the Land of the Pharaohs.

The Pen and the ScalpelDid Jesus come to save only the Jews? That was the question that Luke is determined to answer, and answer it, he will!Luke, a local physician and beloved townsman, is drawn into the growing movement of the first century Christians in Antioch by an unpleasant first encounter with a disagreeable and xenophobic Saul of Tarsus. Through a childhood friend, Luke learned the news of what had happened to a young rabbi from Nazareth, thus becoming the catalyst for Luke’s journey of faith.After completing his medical education at the Alexandrian School of Medicine, Luke’s second encounter with Saul, now calling himself Paul, will change his life forever. As physician to the Apostle who is called by the Lord to take the Gospel to the Gentiles, Luke ultimately discovers the truth of Jesus’ teachings. The Pen and the Scalpel tells the story of one of the most prolific writers of the New Testament.[This novel is on sale at Amazon and Barnes and Noble, Books a Million and is also on Kindle]

At The Foot Of The CrossThis is a work of fiction about the life of Jesus as seen through the eyes of his aunt Salome. It tells the story of three of the women who stood at the foot of the cross the day he died. Mary's sister is a witness to most of the important events in the young rabbi's life, and she makes her own personal journey of love and faith. The reader is taken from the carpentry shop of Nazareth to the Essene community on the shores of the Dead Sea. Encounters with his cousin John the Baptist convince the two young believers that the Lord has a plan for their lives. Support from two aging mentors, Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus the Pharisee enable the carpenter from Nazareth to study in Jerusalem with the teachers of the Law, and be trained as a rabbi. Friendships with the family of Lazarus, Mary and Martha provide a home away from home in the capital city. "At the Foot of the Cross" is a story of love that will stir the reader to seek out for themselves the truths of the Biblical record.

Babylon's FallingThe Story of Belteshazzar, Also Known As DaniyyelCourage to Change: One Day at a Time in Al-Anon IIWhere was Daniel when his three friends were thrown into the fiery furnace? This question is answered in this work of historical fiction. The young nobleman, Daniel of Judah, is taken captive and finds himself prisoner and forced to monarch all the way from Jerusalem to the ancient city of Babylon. He and his three companions survive the fourth month journey of cruelty and hardship and are thrown into a pagan culture of idolatry and apostasy. Given new names, and a new king to serve, their lives become an adventure filled with danger, mystery and romance.Trained as a seer, the new Belteshazzar (Daniel) finds his faith strong enough to fulfill his new role as governor and counsel to the mad king Nebuchadnezzer. As God’s man, he sees the coming fall of the great empire and is witness to Cyrus the Great’s deliverance of his people and eventual return to the land of their fathers. With the love of his beloved Inanna and support of an important general, the man form Judah is able to rise victorious from Babylon’s ruin like a phoenix that will not die. “Babylon’s Falling” is a story for our times that will uplift, inspire and encourage the reader to live a life that dares to believe![This novel is on sale at Amazon and Barnes and Noble, Books a Million and also on Kindle]

The Good ThiefThere is nothing as moving in all literature as the story of the good thief. As long as the Gospel of Jesus Christ is told, he will be remembered. And yet there are only four verses in Luke’s Gospel that deal with the two men crucified with our Lord. We know that one of the three men should have been Barabbas, but Pilate released him   y is on the “good thief” whose life ended on Calvary’s hill alongside the Savior of the world. The places mentioned are real and historical while many of the characters are figments of the author’s imagination. What motivated me in the story was how much of the Jesus story would an ordinary person have seen and heard, or how many of the Biblical characters who followed Jesus he may have met.This is story about family, love, and the need to belong. But above all, it is a story of faith. Through the life of Benhanan we see a hope for forgiveness and eternal life. May it be so![Available only on Kindle Direct].

Samson & Delilah

Three women loved him. Two betrayed him. One fulfilled his destiny. This story of Samson is told through the eyes of the three most important women in his life: Zel, the fiercely loving Jewish mother who had confidence in his greatness; the Philistine beauty, Lilith, who becomes Samson’s bride; and the seductress—the legendary Delilah—who becomes the instrument of his destruction.


Like many heroes, Samson’s supernatural birth fulfilled the promise that a future deliverer for Israel would be born. A miraculous whirlwind and heavenly messenger follow and guide his path, enabling him to achieve feats of strength unsurpassed even to this day.


In this novel, we find a judge given by the Lord as a shining light held up for brief periods in the nation’s darkness. Even though weak and sinful, he chose to obey the path God set for him. He went from strength to strength by the power of the Lord’s enabling grace. His story ultimately celebrates the triumph of faith not by the strength of his body, but the perseverance of the soul.


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